October 2021 Newsletter

A month to remember!

We just completed our first couple weeks of the school year at Lions Park and I have to say I’m so grateful to have such a great group of children with us this year. While we are still getting into our routines and getting to know each other we note they are eager to explore, capable and ready to play with their peers. The children have enjoyed playing under the tall trees and running up and down the hills on the south side of the park where the train is. We also got out some shovels to dig for treasure, make castles and campfire and collect leaves. Most recently we ventured down to the Coquitlam River with our mud kitchen to explore among the rocks and along the shallow waters. Don’t be surprised if your child’s feet are getting a little wet.

Dates to Remember: Thanksgiving October 10, 2021 – no school

Planting a Douglas Fir

Toward the end of this month we are hoping to plant a tree together. Miss Cheryl has a Douglas Fir sapling that started in her garden and she has potted it with the intention to plant it in the forest with our Bluebells group. We are so excited to get out some shovels, get our hands in the soil and dig a deep planting hole. We also Iook forward to revisiting the tree with the children throughout the year to care for it and see its progress.

We are currently communicating with the folks at Port Coquitlam Parks so we don’t yet have a specific date when we will be planting the tree. Unfortunately not all children will be present when we do plant the tree but we will be going to the planting site often when we are at Lions Park so all children will be able to see the tree and help to water and care for it going forward.

What is my child doing at school?

This is the question many parents want to know and it is just so hard to get any information out of your child. I’m sure you are all familiar with how the conversation goes from friends with older children. “What did you do at school today? – Nothing.” Even as your child starts out with their first experience of school you may be noticing that getting information from your wee one is no different.

At Room to Roam Outdoor Learning we do try to do a weekly social media post so you can see generally some things we have been doing. Our hope is that the photos will also spark some conversations between you and your child about what they are doing and learning.

This year we are going to continue with the weekly social media posts. As well, we will send individual photos via email to supplement what you see on our social media. Our aim with the posts and individual photos and messages is to help you connect with your child about their day. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback for us.

That’s all folks!

Your Fearless, Outdoor Lovin’ Leaders,

Miss Cheryl and Miss Nina